Is Your Current Workload Cloud Ready?

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Before a business workload can migrate to the cloud it often takes a bit of time to move it. IT support services Sussex generally try to make the transition as fast as possible. Depending on the company you use, this can mean your current workload will transition across as is. Because of this it’s important to know your options and whether your current workload is ready. If you answer these questions with a yes, then you’re set to continue on with the next phase

  1. Is all the data decoupled from the application? – Generally if you’re application and data is tightly connected. You’ll have trouble running separate workspaces. Before moving to a public cloud, they should be separated where the workload distribution can bring reliability and performance advantages.
  2. Is The Application Still Connected To An Old Security Framework? – Before you can move your application workload to the cloud you must first work out whether you’re running an older security setup. Old security setups can cause the transition to be less efficient due to conflicts in the system.
  3. Is the application designed with multiple platform deployment in mind? – If the application doesn’t work well generally then it won’t work well anywhere else, including in the cloud. If they aren’t coded properly it’s advised to code them before moving them across to a public cloud.


When it comes to moving your workload to the cloud, it’s important to make sure it’s ready to go. By taking the time to answer these three questions you have a better chance of being ready. So is your workload ready?

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