A Guide To Different Tile Choices

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When it comes to tiles, there’s a great variety of different ones available. From decorative tiles to plain tiles, you can be sure that you’ll find something that will suit all your individual needs. When searching for the right tiles it’s important to know what you’ll be getting. Here’s a guide to some of the different types of tiles that you can buy.

1.     Ceramic – Ceramic tiles tend to feature a base with a glazed surface area. These types of tiles are often cheaper than your average porcelain tiles and are suitable for use in larger areas such as walls on a bathroom. They’re available in a diverse colour range and can be very vibrant when installed with their striking features. These are also suitable for low impact floors or in ensuites that don’t have a lot of foot traffic. They can create an elegant finish overall.

2.     Concrete Tiles – Concrete tiles are often made by the use of concrete that’s cut neatly into tiles. These tiles often have a soft appearance with a chalky finish and can wear over time to become smooth. They’re ideal for both walls and floors and can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. They’re also suitable for those who are looking to create a more industrial look within a home.

When buying tiles, it’s a good idea to know what you’ll be getting when purchasing them. Both these tiles are suitable for a large selection of tiling applications and will last for years to come. So do you think you’ll be buying concrete or ceramic tiles?

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